Commission for the lovely DarkSigyn!

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((Loki and Sigyn sketches))

The paint program I’ve been using was actually only a trial, so now I have to find some other program. :@

Okay, but seriously though, we’ve been having a lot of baby tremors lately and they’ve been waking me up.

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I drew this awhile back and photographed it but never scanned it into the computer, so here it is

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((Midgardian Sigyn and Loki))

“I would like a place in New York… Once it belongs to you, I mean.”
“Babe, I’ll give you New York.”

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“You cause me a lot of trouble, lady,”

-to have control over chaos-
((Loki and Sigyn)) 

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((Loki and Sigyn and their children))

FOR BRI who is amazing and wonderful and I am very happy to have met her acquaintance here on Tumblr.

She requested something with Loki and Sigyn and their children, so here it is! I hope you like it. :D

Ohhhhh my GOSH IT’S PERFECT!!!!! ;~;

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recoloring old stuff


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late christmas presents - to bru

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