The thing about horses is that if you want them to be still, you want them to be relaxed. Civilon was there, standing very still, but he looked kind of bored and he didn’t want to put his head up. He was like, “Okay, if I’m standing still, I’m going to droop my head and that’s what I’m going to do.” Steven kept saying, “Oh come on Tom, get his head up. We need his head in the shot,” so I was holding his head up and he was so bored that he decided to just sink his teeth into my arm. Halfway through the take, he was trying to take an even bigger chunk out of my arm and I thought “Right. We have to cut because I’m losing my arm to a bored, mischievous horse here.” It’s fun working with horses. They keep surprising you.
—Tom Hiddleston on working with Civilon (Flicks and Bits interview)

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