Movie Shuffle Challenge (of my own choosing) → Tom Hiddleston, Helena Mattsson, Isabella Acres

Song → Enter Sandman

All her life, Mischa Hallows (Mattsson, Acres as a girl) has felt like she is being stalked by something. No one in her life will believe her, but she is, indeed, being stalked. When she was a little girl, she had been told stories of the Sandman (Hiddleston), and about how he is supposed to help little children fall asleep at night. She can’t remember when it began, but she has always had a recurring dream where the Sandman is coming after her, trying to kill her. The dream frightens her, and she claims to be able to see the Sandman following her in both the daytime and the nighttime. No one around her can see the Sandman, leading everyone in her life to think she is insane. In her late teens, her family commits her to a mental hospital, so she can be treated for her supposed hallucinations, but the Sandman follows her there as well. In her therapy sessions, she is forced to physically and emotionally re-live every traumatic memory from her childhood, having to stop the Sandman from killing her at various points in her childhood. She can fend him off from her childhood memories, but can she defeat him in real life as well? He is still coming for her, and he is coming to kill.

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